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2 hour session  £75
     Smaller sessions &
     concessions for low            incomes please ask.
We all need to be heard. So this is your opportunity to comfortably speak your truth in a safe confidential environment without feeling stifled or judged. We'll discover what your needs are then create strategies for them to be met. We'll discover what it's costing you emotionally to have these problems or limiting belief's. We'll shift you to a new empowered level of thinking and create an intervention to move you forward with grace and ease.
My work as your coach is to guide you to a place beyond self doubt, from negative or confusing states to a space of inspired creativity and great energy. Crisis is always an opportunity for growth. You don't have to be defined by your old story, you always have a better one just waiting to evolve. I'll support you to let go of emotional pain, we'll uncover a starring role in your new script and give you the tools to create your dreams, this could be a great new adventure.
Whether you want to achieve connection and passion in your current relationship or build the perfect foundations to attract your dream mate Fresh Connective Coaching has a great track record of strategies to get you there.


the inner goddess

  price on application​


                    starting at £35


How much do you value yourself? Your home is a reflection of you. Clutter whether emotional or physical can induce an enormous amount of stress; it can impact your life until you literally feel trapped.

Maybe you've been waiting for the clutter fairies to wave their magic clutter wands? It’s vital to detox and get clear to optimize your flow of positive energy, so make it your priority to get clear. The sooner you have a calm clear space in your mind, in your home and in your workplace, the sooner you'll get creative to find the answers you've been looking for.

If your bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or bathroom is a black hole of chaos, let’s transform it to a serene oasis of calm.

I spend many happy days clearing the decks and helping people to transform their lives, one space at a time.

Together, safely, compassionately and with a cup of tea (essential for hoarders to find the resources to let go) we will de-clutter (edit the stress) find storage solutions (out of sight out of mind) to create an environment that fits with who you really are.

counselling faversham
 Fresh Connective   Coaching exclusively for Ladies
In The MedShed or
at Stour View Spa



                           I invite you to come for 1to1

               Fresh Connective Coaching 


For an inspiring conversation unlike any you've had before. You'll leave with a new outlook on your issue and different options.

Whether personal, work or family, you can greatly improve all of your relationships by mastering your emotions. Getting emotionally fit and raising your own standard will have a profound effect on all of your relationships, but most importantly it'll improve the one you have with yourself.


All coaching packages include follow up email.


"CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION" are my business, contact me here, together we'll make you a plan.


Looking forward to welcoming you, Dawn

Client ​Testimonials...


"Dawn helped me find a language to verbalize and clear emotional issues that I'd been internalizing for years” Amy

“Dawn’s a solutions gal (and fast) so far I've improved my confidence, my marriage, my health and found a great friend"

"If you're going to hire someone to help you then it pays to get someone who walks the walk as well as talks the talk. Dawn is inspiring partly because of her own life breakthrough's and her willingness to share them with you"  David

"Loved seeing you!!! You've made such a difference!!! I'm more organised and productive!!! I've finished a major job today because of your help on time management!! I'm recommending you to my friends" Cheryl

"I'm so happy I get to write this... Dawn's heart is massive, she'll make you feel extremely safe, you'll laugh a lot and she'll probably make you cry but the journey will be fun and purposeful and you'll wish you'd taken it years ago"   Sarah

"I hired Dawn and got an Angel. I was a long time hoarder, she cleared a lot more than my kitchen, as the day passed I also let go of a load of emotional baggage and gained some great techniques for keeping my headspace clear" Diane
Cancellations: Please note if a session is cancelled within 48 hrs of the appointment, the client will be responsible for half the session cost.
ear candling faversham


(ear candling)

 1 full ear candling treatment      followed by a mini pressure point facial  using Neals Yard products finishing with a session of Angel Reiki

While you relax in the calming atmosphere of The MedShed the ear candles work as a gentle vacuum that will help to relieve the wax and draw out any particles that shouldn't be in the ear canal (a better solution than poking cotton buds in) I only use the best quality professional Biosun candles that are made with unbleached beeswax enriched with pure essential oils.

Candling can relieve pressure from migraine headaches, clear blocked sinuses and improve nasal breathing even when congested. The process feels soothing and has a warm calming effect. Meridian points are stimulated which helps to rebalance your natural energy flow to restore a sense of well-being. A simple aromatherapy facial pressure point massage finishes the experience. Allow one chillaxing hour.

 Magic Buttons I also use...

In Chinese medicine it is understood that a blockage in the flow of energy will cause dis-ease and the goal of healing is to achieve energy flow and restore balance. The original Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) starts with a simple statement bringing the client's awareness to the issue, followed by a tapping sequence on the meridian points.This process was used through the second half of the 1990’s with amazing success. Now as we’re learning and expanding in this field we are using an even shorter version of the above EFT with a clever mix of psychology for very positive results. I am an advanced meridian therapy practitioner and use these techniques in my practice.

The heads-up regarding Tapping, Meridian Therapies and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)....
Tapping on specific energy acupuncture points whilst focusing on the presenting issue is a fast and fabulous technique.
In 1991 a perfectly preserved human body, half buried in ice, was discovered by two walkers in Italy. Interestingly the mummy (frozen 5300 years ago) had 57 tattoos made with soot, most of which were strategically placed on what we know as the acupuncture points of the body. This is the earliest documented proof of man using points on the meridians to stimulate energy flow.
The energy life force that flows through our body in meridian pathways has been recognised throughout the globe by many cultures such as the Egyptians, Hindus, Koreans, Japanese, Hawaiians and the Chinese.


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