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Understanding The Basics Of Heart and Brain Dynamic

fresh connective coaching

Fresh connective coaching is about enhancing the connection between our heart and brain, plus the connectives that fire and wire in our brain.

Fresh connective coaching will help you create and connect new positive neural pathways. Every experience we’re exposed to, even a thought or sensation (and some we're not even consciously aware of), will send our brain on a mission to find and connect with some data we've previously stored in our memory bank. The pathways that the brain uses to move these messages around are called neural pathways, these pathways create a network of information and the more a particular pathway is used the stronger it becomes.

Using proven psychology strategies and a wealth of fun techniques we can literally retrain your brain so that your go-to emotions become the ones that make you happy, this is emotional freedom.

fresh connective coaching

Quantum physics shows us that everything is energy - vibrational waves of light energy. Our energy, experience and sense of wellbeing is entwined with thoughts and feelings from the heart and mind. Did you know your own heart has a powerful brain of its own?  Your heart fires off a wealth of neurons in response to its environment in a similar but more powerful way than the brain in your head. 

When our heart is in coherence the frontal lobes of our brain receive more oxygen, energy flows freely enabling us to make clearer decisions, and our cells positively dance in the harmonious rhythm.

The coherent state we experience when the heart and brain are in sync causes our optimum physiological state and we feel joy exponentially.

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The good news here is that all of the answers you'll ever need are already right there and accessible in your own heart, as soon as we engage your brain you're ready to create magic!
The heart's electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain generated field. It extends out into the space surrounding us carrying information from us and to us, sensing and influencing how we feel even at a subconscious level from where we run most of our belief systems and programs.
Recent research in the field of neurocardiology has shown that although your heart is in a two way dialogue with your brain, your heart's complex nervous system in fact sends far more information to your brain than the brain sends to your heart.
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