fresh connective coaching  counselling faversham

  "Halloo and welcome, I'm Dawn Forward  

My mission is to guide you to a fresh perspective, allowing your full brilliance to shine out"

I'm a Kentish born lady with a passion for engaging people in their heart, to ultimately realise the love that they are. My fascination with psychology and human behaviour started over 20 years ago at college where I studied the classic foundations of talking/counselling psychotherapies, I found this interesting but quite one dimensional so I happily kept on learning!
Always more interested in forward thinking communication skills, I've kept the desire to really dig into the foundations of communicating with others but most importantly the communication with ones self. When we get this dialogue flowing well, life becomes easy. My passion for teaching stress managment and playing detective to discover and resolve emotional /energetic blocks, has taken me along many varied learning paths, allowing me to become an experienced emotional wellness coach.


Using a combination of therapies and my own personal experiences following a holistic path, we can map out a steller plan of emotional wellbeing for you too.


I'm proudly the first person in Kent to have fully graduated as a certified Coach with certificates in Strategic Intervention, Marriage education and Divorce prevention, with the worlds no1 transformation coach Tony Robbins and family psychotherapist Cloe Madanes. Cloe is one of the founders of family therapy, she has won many awards for distinguished contribution to psychology and is also an author and teacher of psychotherapy.  These training programs are co-sponsored by the Council for Human Rights of Children of the University of San Francisco Center for Child and Family Development and by the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

Strategic Intervention (also known as SI) is dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines. The basic tenet is that individuals, relationships, organizations and community can be directed toward positive change through the strategic planning of skilful interventions. The field of SI encompasses: Human needs psychology, Ericksonian therapy, Social action therapy, Organizational psychology, Direct and indirect negotiation, Neurolinguistics,The third side, Psychology of influence, Structural family therapy, Strategic studies, Life-cycle theory of business organization, Mediation and conflict resolution techniques, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation in community organization.

I'm qualified in..Psychotherapy and Counselling, Life Coaching, Stess Management, Advanced Theta Healing, Advanced Meridian Therapies (also known as "tapping"), Reiki, Thermo Auricular Therapy, Colour Therapy, I organise retreats and public meditations for large groups of people, and have attended courses on inner-child psychology, intuitive development, relaxation, meditation and Tracy Holloway's Life Upgrade system.

At 47 I've had a varied and interesting life, my extended family is made up of all the wonderful combinations that life can provide. After having my first son I met and married my lovely husband and acquired another beautiful son. I've lived and worked in many countries and experientially I have a lot to draw on. I believe in a limitless life and I adore my work, I know and believe that when we get a fresh perspective we can use even the most hapless experiences as a springboard to greatness. I've been blessed to have been trained by some of the top psychologists in the field, the world's number one coach, incredible visionaries, plus gurus from around the world, so I look forward to sharing my skills with you. I'll gently challenge you to make your truth show up and shine out, to free you from the stories that have kept you stuck. You have the choice to roll up your sleeves and get pro-active as a student of life. You can take the choice to live your passion, to liberate yourself. I invite you to become master of your own emotions.

                                  Big bright blessings & wishing you exceptional wellness, Dawn 
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