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You have the power...

By changing what we think and do in this moment we can put ourself in the driver’s seat to transform our life. We are only ever dealing with a thought and a thought can be changed. When we realise and implement this, we have the power to change our world.

Skilful heart centered coaching enables us to quickly find a fresh perspective and a new way of being.
Building fresh connectives allows us to choose how we feel and respond to negative thoughts and memories. Finding a new viewpoint also helps us to see that our quality of life depends on our emotional fitness and physiology rather than our actual experiences.
Change happens the moment that our perception changes, life feels more purposeful, peaceful and harmonious, I can help you to achieve that sense of freedom.

Who are my clients...

If you're feeling frayed or have emotional "stuff"  tripping you up, it's clutter! whether emotional or physical clutter (and one often leads to the other) know that it's your time to unclog the system and get clear. 
If you're struggling with anxiety, feeling undervalued and unsupported, wrestling with low self-esteem or lack of confidence, whether you're stuck in emotional overwhelm or not coping well with a new life stage, if you're suffering from past trauma, experiencing depression, habitual drama queen behaviour or living with stress and despair then Fresh Connective Coaching is for you. Using strategic psychology and guided interventions we can literally tap into your own heart wisdom, revealing and resolving your issues we'll get you going on a new path. As soon as you make the commitment to take action, freedom and emotional wellness can be yours.
Power tools...​
Perhaps burying your feelings might have been adequate in the past, but rather cleverly and annoyingly they have a habit of resurfacing in quite destructive ways at the most inconvenient of times. The limiting beliefs that follow suppressed feelings may cause self-sabotage and inner conflicts, they create a barrier keeping you from the life of your dreams and preventing potential growth. The treasure that you'll uncover by meeting with a heart centred coach will afford you the life you desire. You'll learn tools for stress managment to build confidence, recognise resistance, overcome self doubt, resolve and let go of depressive behaviour patterns and stride through the gateway to your best version of you.

Divorce your story...

Visualise just how light and empowering total emotional freedom will feel. Are you ready for a new life story?
Personal development and transformation doesn't need to be hard any more, we don't need to spend numerous sessions in counselling, stuck in the endless loop of a story that we've been telling ourselves for an age. We can fast-track to uncover and remove those seemingly stubborn emotional blocks. Our greatest challenge is to uncover our true nature (who we really are) and allow ourselves to be the miracle that we came here to be.
I work exclusively with women and although we may appear to have similar patterns, we are all totally unique, which is why Fresh Connective Coaching offers a bespoke service, tailored exactly to individual needs. The greatest quality my clients have in common is their willingness to create change, they're ready for a new way of being, ready to improve relationships and ready for new levels of communication. If you're ready for change, drop me a line through the "contact" page here on this site and we'll make a plan together. 
I look forward to meeting you,  Dawn ☀



   "Halloo and welcome... I'm Dawn Forward, The Fresh Connective Coach.

My mission is to help your brilliance shine out, to create balance and emotional wellness"


We're all striving for authenticity, to let our true selves shine out and experience connection in all our relationships. Fresh Connective Coaching is a conversation with a difference, it's a creative process that guides you to effectively manage your emotional well-being, allowing you the freedom to value and appreciate who you really are. A combination of proven strategies that empower women to confidently live as the radiant being they came here to be.

 "Dawn was recommended to me through a friend.
I noticed after seeing Dawn I made great changes in my life within a couple of months, all positive and taking huge leaps of faith.
Dawn helped me to do this by talking through things and giving me the right tools and techniques.
I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone who needs guidance in any area of their lives. You can't help but open up and get everything off your chest as she has such a warm friendly nature and makes you feel comfortable and at home straight away like a friend you've known forever.
Personally whenever I see Dawn I always leave feeling very happy, light hearted and positive about any changes I wish to make in my life".  Laura


"just four sessions have changed my life, I'm living life in full colour now, this was the year I found me, thank you"  Kelly


"Life feels more gentle now, and I have the confidence for anything!" P

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